• Cooper & Gorfer
    More than real, hyper-expressive, style, color, pattern, and space each possessing a face, emoting—Cooper & Gorfer’s photography has an air of Symbolist mystery and a nature’s impassive intensity, every frozen photon coolly radiating the sort of emotion, thought, and sense that usually is kept captive in some deep and dark bony cavity.

       "Steal My Attention"

    TOKiMONSTA - “Steal My Attention” (from Desiderium)

    TOKiMONSTA’s latest and greatest: her cosmic verve reverberates and the pulse is satisfying.

  • Pana Stamos
    Tradition brought to the twenty-first century, twenty-first century laid out under bright lights; glowing color and intricate pattern, perspective sharp, Pana Stamos’ works take the best of dark and bright, Eastern and Western styles, presenting the combination in an entrancingly refreshing way.

  • Jessica Kleinman
    Angsts and anxieties spilt out hauntingly, all darks and primary colors used to dynamic effect, dreams made real—Jessica Kleinman takes on the fantastic with a light touch, every piece layered with subtle delights.

  • Jason Heuser

    Brilliant art you’re embarrassed you didn’t think of yourself. Jason Heuser kills it with humorous and insightful juxtaposition of our political heroes with the settings of our literary and fictional heroes.

  • Korehiko HinoBody rendered real, rich oils become a universe of lipids and ligaments and human matter—with eyes inhuman, too wide, too large, and always open, like a dragon’s, disarming, disquieting, distorting the “real” of Korehiko Hino’s images, twin gates to his world, poignant and satirical and strange and magical.

  • Sam Gellaitry - “Understanding”

    Welcome to the dope house.

  • Mike Spears
    Bright light and human bodies: each arc scintillantly in Mike Spears’ shots, frames uncluttered, simple, populated by the essentials, style scattered across each composition in a fine particulate, sexuality radiating out with charged waves—the two combining dazzlingly to heady corpuscular effect.

  • Vlad “Salty Towel” Dorfman

    Lush landscapes and nearly tangible textures. Vlad seems inspired by the architectures and landscapes of this world to create worlds that could be.

  • Suthipa Kamyam
    Reverent, leaves, lines trembling darkly with some spiritual sylvan power that seems the remnant of elder days; in Suthipa Kamyam’s works, every scale, every spore, every slip of skin pops out in relief—and every form sits mystically resplendent apart, elevated in its wildness.