• Jessica Fortner
    Jessica Fortner’s works feel like lucid dreams spanning space, forms twisted to impossible beauty, cut-outs and pattern and hue and texture creating mind-spinning vistas, the compression and manipulation of the natural engendering a feeling transcendently supernatural—fantastic.

  • Sophie Van der Perre
    Swept through life’s halls, a peace can be found in comfort in one’s self—rich with this peace, bound by the sinews of love, made fast by screws of sunlight, tied pretty with ribbons of style, Sophie Van der Perre’s photographs gleam in the beauty of all those things, and inspire them in those that view them.

  • Miss Van
    Dark in the way secrets are, full of faceted shadows every one compellingly attractive, each possessed of wondrous and frightful potential, Miss Van’s work also glows with a decorous vitality, colors swept with rustic glamour, shot through with old-world charm, every portrait still-eyed with an attitude of strength, traditional imagery and well-worn simile become symbols of mighty visual impact and great emotional power.

  • Ali Douba
    It’s as mutable as mood, persona, shaped and reshaped by experience and point of view, like a shadow created by the light of happenstance. Ali Douba’s work captures this, the multifarious, dissonant, dividing, evolving, striving self, his sculptures seeming to celebrate the marvelousness and oddity of form, internal and external.

  • Sam Sanford
    Focus, unfocus, out of focus—you recognize what you see, understand the elements, but question it, unsure at times, even what it is: is it a painting? Sam Sanford’s work, slightly chromatically aberrated, wistful, strange, leaves you feeling slightly out of phase, fingers brushing against elusive truths.

  • Ellen Pater
    Like the fine lace of a spiderweb, simple shapes become searingly, graphically intense under Ellen Pater’s careful arrangement, hue and color casting heavy moods that hang like spells.

  • Efran Films

    An inspirational profile short from the fine folks at Efran Films about Michael Fukumara, a lawyer who became a lawyer “almost by default.” Realizing he “wasn’t fulfilled” after trying to fit into the status quo orthodoxy, he moved and started surfing and yoga. Then things clicked and he woke up from his sleepy spiritual languor.

    He teaches yoga now. It’s a way of giving back he feels passionate about and gives him a sense of well-being.

  • Xochi Solis
    Like sun, fruit, face—circular, ovoid, containing energies, textures, realities complex and subtle, roughs and bubbles and images wan like foggy memories, flush and full of ideas free from the confines of concrete phrases like an unsettled brain, Xochi Solis’ work feels empoweringly, nourishingly luminous, a conduit of soul.

  • David Jien
    Layers, dizzying pattern, and coruscating prismatic colors transcend the studied flatness of David Jien’s works, two dimensions launching viewers into dimensions unknown, lands full of dewy-headed gods, specters of the past, and where the only surety is the excitement of the improbable.

  • Scott Schumann, the Sartorialist

    Scott Schumann, the Sartorialist, talks about how he works, trying to keep his mind open and his shots simple.