• Ellen June
    The elder days, solidified, arcing, aching with the majesty of legend, symbols of a more harmonious, more utopian world—Ellen June’s sculptures, subtle musculatures, iridescent scales, elegant fur, flora and fauna and light and wind and water all amalgamated, feel monuments to the noble spirituality of the natural.

  • Tatsuro Kiuchi
    Softly sketched, edges gentle, colors cheery, framing nostalgic—Tatsuro Kiuchi’s works look like the way we view the past; infused with style and glamour, each image is bold, full of narrative, and leaves one feeling deeply: wistful, joyful, thoughtful.

  • Luciana Fauci
    Like portraits of neon graces embodying our postmodern age, Luciana Fauci’s photos cross culture, mixing high and low, a recherché and natty representation of today’s paradigms grace and charm, femininity and creativity, passion and beauty.

  • 稗田やゑ
    Palette refreshing and cleansing and invigorating as a mint-wasabi ice, pieces imbued with a grinning sense of attitude, streaked with notes of longing and a surreal hope for more, 稗田やゑ’s works are open-faced, honest projections of feeling.

  • F A Fotografia
    Framing bending limbs long; musculature, fine hair exposed, put into relief; shadow, bone arcing avian; the balance of bodies bargaining with gravity, weight and mass elegantly distributed—it’s such a refined, admiring, careful, unbelieving eye that F A Fotografia has, every shot shaking with awe that these hautely-constructed forms are the ones we’ve been granted.

  • Irena Zablotska
    Gruing goo, true, dripping like honey from leaky hives, matter coalescing, sensible, candychrome suavity, smooth as a fine ice cream, and just deliciously refreshing, and as likely to stun the head into numb peals of wavy shock with over-rapid consumption—Irena Zablotska’s work, full of mutable shapes, fluid ideas, so bright, so digitally slick, feels like the twisting of a mind populated with dandy denizens, and full of great ideas.

  • Jessica Levy
    A reverence for the joyful—in Jessica Levy’s work shines a smiling seriousness about that which brings comfort, and happiness, and pleasure, free and easy in spirit, careful and formal in technical execution, bright color popping, bare flesh swooping, eyes caught flaring, souls whooping.

  • Man Arenas
    Innocently epic, soft stoke of marker and pencil creating a cradle for awe at the wonderful, Man Arenas’ work, bold and reverent, reinvents legend, the mystic and fantastic wearing new majesty, otherness, grandiosity made accessible, even cute—it opens hearts, releasing all of our younger selves still living quietly within their little coronary retreats.

  • Mia Jørgensen
    Attitude, fretting ferocity, in the eye, in the frame of the face, the pull of the body—raw and yawping hues, frosty black-and-whites; Mia Jørgensen’s works shout with a gauntly ghostly passion, intense, with heart spread like glossy jam across her tableaus.

  • Ester Ch
    The line, the careful curve, the towering verticality—it shines clear in Ester Ch’s photography, her shots crackling with fine grain and graceful light, style and confidence pouring through with subtle sensibleness, fitting and right and natural as ambient noise.