• Omar Shammah
    Feeling molded, forms weathered, eroded by the stress of living and witnessing the multifarious world, lines firm, colors limited and reserved, composition focused, Omar Shammah’s works have heavy emotional heft, monuments to life during war, testaments to being human.

  • Nacha Canvas
    Pastoral scenes peaceful; natural vistas imbued with crackling energy, snows soft, inviting, jagged mountains, chromatic fungi spectrally entrancing—Nacha Canvas’ pieces combine a sense of rapturous awe for nature with a fun appreciation for what it can bring any that interface with it.

  • Glenn Harvey

    Visually stunning, Glenn Harvey's metaphorical game is on point. Gender roles, race, conflict, adventure, psychology… Harvey's lexicon is sexy lines and stark hues to amass a massive thematic impact. Check out his prints.

  • Jon Estwards
    An earthy mix of real and unreal, of nature, the supernatural, and the human; color cawing dreamy, light bent puckishly, Jon Estwards’ photographs feel roundly transcendent, like a tai chi pancake.

  • Erik Olson

    Erik Olson's art is large and contains multitudes. Character is not set in stone; few things are black or white. Olson tames the flux and makes it look dope.

  • コウノ
    Unnerving, like getting out of bed grainy eyed, convinced you’ve woken up in another world; colors deliriously off-kilter, some too bright, other too sallow, spectres, psychopomps pulling you down into the strange like sinister sentient kelp—コウノ’s midnight tableaus, populated by yokai rendered to new spookiness, are haunting…they shake you a bit, leaving you feeling as if the creatures depicted have actually come to call.

  • James Victore

    Ride along with James Victore as he checks out real-world signage and get some typographical inspiration and universal design motivation.

  • Mafalda Silva
    Light softly smiling, making each photo glow with a calm pulse, subjects possessed of panache and ease powerfully alluring, framing neatly poised—Mafalda Silva’s works feel like ripe fruit, space, attitude, love, and style juicy flesh bulging the skin of every frame.

  • Lena Kuzina
    Gruing half-grotesque, faces and features folded and stretched to super-Earthly beauty, lines loose and quick like black beams of light, sudden rushes of color flooding like blood to an excited countenance, Lena Kuzina’s works shake with strange energy—classic, forward-looking, reverent, satirical, every rendering studied, statuesque, just a little bit higher than human.

  • Anna Zoladz
    Black and white, monochrome making it clear, strokes flowing neatly, surface simplicity breaking to subtle complexity—Anna Zoladz’s art feels contemplative, spiritual, like the message of forgotten elder sprites shouted from the depths of a more pastoral past up through the layers of time.