• Mëgaboy
    Roughknuckle-twisted brilliant, feeling hopped up juicy, some potent and slightly rancid electricity dancing through each piece’s veins, colors gloomy, creatures amazing, every detail daft, Mëgaboy’s works contain all the delight of staying up to watch that horror movie on that forbidden channel after your parents explicitly told you not to; they’re weird, wonderful, scary, a little too much to handle, searing the mind in the best possible way.

  • Sam Gellaitry - “Reflectionz”

    Echoes hard like tuned up glass instruments shattering. I don’t know what’s in the water in Scotland (probably whiskey) but they’re growing dope DJs like wildfire.

  • Federica de Ruvo
    Action, motion, emotion; saturation, the body, society; smiling, satirical, sort of surreal—Federica de Ruvo’s works feel elegantly emphatic; constructed simply, each image tersely states its conceit without any tension, every idea neatly communicated with impact through careful color, costuming, and composition.

  • Romain Loubersanes

    Disney basically invented animation and motion and wrote the rulebook and now Romain Loubersanes translated that bible into gifs. Slick and amusing, they’re also endlessly satisfying to watch.

  • AkaB
    AkaB’s work is ghostly but not ghastly, starkly rustic strokes roughly jittery like a manic aura, its Manichean palette, black-hole darks and tread-on snow whites, evoking a spooky sense of the human thrust beyond all ken, angst and pain and the twisting temerity of life pushing bodies into violent transcendence.

  • Appendix
    Sweetly poignant normalcy breaking to swells of euphoric color—like shifting between worlds, looking at Appendix’s works feels like floating between the Earth and the Moon, memories of childhood and home hanging in your mind like Christmas ornaments, spectacular awareness of the magic of reality sparkling over your eyes like the glowing shadow of a volcano.

  • Sam Gellaitry - “Life”

    Innovative beats and phenomenal production regardless of genre. A year from now, someone will ask you if you’ve heard of “that new dude Sam Gellaitry” - imagine hanging your head in shame if you didn’t take the time right now for some beat education. Beatucation. In fact, Sam Gellaitry’s stuff is so dope just having him show up on your ipod at a party tonight will probably get you laid.

  • Patricia Ruiz del Portal
    In bright color or light black in white, composition always cleverly clean, Patricia Ruiz del Portal weaves love, happiness, youth, and all the grit of life, the bits that stick to you like burrs, reminding you—sometimes in a melancholy way—that you’re living life to the fullest, into one knowing whole, jaunty and emotionally compelling simultaneously.

  • Guim Tió Zarraluki
    Utterly unnerving, eyes, countenances, skin, hair, spooky, visages that strike you at a distance, tangling you up in the quantums of their peculiarities, the great blocky strokes of chalk-bright skin, those eyes round as roe and full of far more possibilities, the crocodile tears and model-mouths and casts of the neck that seem like Juno’s very own, looking at you like you’re the odd one, exposing your wonderful idiosyncrasies and minor personal madnesses, spotlighting the strangeness of our collective gaze and collective thoughts. Guim Tió Zarraluki’s works.

  • Francesco Garieri

    Expressionist and primitivist, Francesco Garieri explores corporations and individuals, war and peace and the media. There are echoes of Basquiat and whatnot but this is definitely not the same old shit.